7 Awesome Mac Apps for College Students

7 awesome Mac apps for college students

Looking to make next semester that much easier? Thankfully there are apps that can help with that. Check out this list of 7 awesome Mac apps for college students!

Tight schedules, exams, and life on college campuses can sometimes be very overwhelming. College students rely on apps to help them study. Today, laptops and tablets have become part of learning, and this means Mac apps for college students are some of the tools that can help students be more productive.

When you have the right tools, you will find it easy to complete your assignments in time, score those A’s, and still have a great social life. Therefore, make your Mac device work for you by installing some apps to help with your studies. 

Here are some of the apps that you can consider installing on your Mac.

  1. iStudiez Pro

This app was specifically designed for students. It tracks all exam dates, assignments, class schedules, essay deadlines, grades, and homework so that you are able to balance and manage your time well. This app has an intuitive and clean interface that ensures that you are not distracted by any other feature it has and appealingly organizes your schedule

This app comes in very handy because it also syncs up everything across all your other Apple devices like iPhone and iPad. The app will help students transition smoothly into college life because they will be able to plan your studies and your days. If you have a problem managing your time, you should consider getting this app. 

  1. Setapp

This app is the Mac version of Microsoft Paint. In as much as there is no Paint for Mac, Setapp is the best alternative that you can find, and it will allow you to do even more. This apps toolkit is inside an app called Preview. 

If you are used to using Paint, then you will find using this app easy, and it will offer you more features.

Setapp will allow you to annotate and edit images easily because it is not only an image viewer. It is a good substitute for MS Paint for Mac

  1. Manuscripts

If you are looking for help when writing a paper, then manuscripts is the app you need. It handles references, footnotes, restructuring, editing, and annotations easily. Everything you need to do as you write is only a click away with manuscripts.

Unlike using Word processors, you will format your paper painlessly because the app will insert the figures, tables, citations, and equations with just a few clicks. The app can also guide you through essays, research articles, lab reports and any other paper that you are working on.

Even though this app will not write your paper for you, it will make it very easy for you to write and complete your paper on time. 

  1. MoneyWiz

While in college, you should be thinking more about your next big project and not your bills. This app will take care of all of the money matters so that you can concentrate on your studies. With it, all you have to do is input all your regular bills like water, heating, telephone, student loans, etc. and you will never forget to pay for anything. 

MoneyWiz will plan your monthly budget, set reminders, sync up bank accounts, study your spending habits and use it to predict future expenses. 

Among other financial management apps, this is one of the best Mac apps for college students. This app will help you save, pay your bills on time and help you track your expenses too. 

  1. Ulysses

No matter what you are majoring in, you’ll have to write a paper or two at some point. When that day comes, this is the app that you should get. Whether you are writing a dissertation or a research article, Ulysses is where you should write it. 

This app is a complete writing tool that has powerful features that will get rid of all distractions so that you can fully concentrate on your work. It also features a tracker that has built-in writing goals, auto-saves and backs up your work as you write. 

Done writing? The app can also quickly export your finished work as an eBook or PDF document.

  1. MarginNote

This is one of the most fun Mac apps for college students when it comes to studying and completing assignments. If you are tired of the normal style of studying using textbooks, you should install this app.

MarginNote is one of the best reading experts and will adapt to your studying habits so that you can choose the perfect annotation mode, mind-map, outline or also turn notes into flashcards for easy reading.

  1. Studies

Students and notes go hand in hand. Now that you have taken down a lot of notes on various subjects and stashed them somewhere on your Mac computer, tracing them can be challenging. This app solves this problem and will give you separate niches for every subject.

Studies also has space for screenshots, videos, audios, and images. The app also has a plan that includes the statistics data. It’s a perfect student companion because of its powerful study notes, predictions, handy learning schedule, and informative stats.

These and more apps are some of the essential Mac apps for college students that you should consider getting so that you not only enjoy your college life but also improve on your studies and get all assignments done.

Do not only use your Mac computer as a pen and paper, get these apps installed on your Mac too and get ready to go through college easily, effectively and efficiently.

Download These Mac Apps for College Students to Help With Your Studies

Having a reliable study partner can go a long way in helping you succeed while in college. These and more Mac apps for college students will not only make sure that you have the most versatile studying tool that will help you hand in all your assignments on time but will also schedule your time so that you have some time to enjoy college life and save money. 

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