About Us

It is difficult to say who we are or what we are doing. MKsOrb made for multi-purpose, but the central theme helps each other. We have stored everything that needs in your digital life. And the most important and impressive thing is everything free.

What says Admin Mind?

I want a basic thing that is the Internet would be free for everyone, not a particular person. But at this time it is difficult to say it. Most of the things now commercial, most of the matter out of all the users so, I have an aim to gives something that needs to pay for it. So I am publishing some kind of soft things that help people for basic on the virtual life.

On this website recently we are posting some kind windows and android apps that would be paid in normally. You can get the most popular android and windows apps free. You can use the premium version of the apps without any cost. And you can request for any paid apps to crack it for premium users. We are also sharing premium account like Spotify, Rapidgator, Netflix, etc. We have a plan for more resources like music, movies, graphics, ebooks, tutorials and many more hope you will enjoy those releases.

But the most important thing is we need your support to do this for you. We need your comment on how can we go more depth. We need your collaboration. You can share your feeling about what you want or which you want. After that, we can walk on the long path. Without your support the website is nothing. So don’t forget to share with your friends for family what makes you help MKsOrb, spared your feeling with others.

Thank you so much for visiting MKsOrb.Com

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