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CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra

PowerDVD plays over simply videodisc and Blu-ray discs. For video, audio, photos, VR 360˚ content and even YouTube or Vimeo, PowerDVD is your essential recreation companion. Unlock the potential of your original HD HDR TV and surround system, immerse yourself in virtual worlds with access to ever-growing collections of 360˚ videos, or unwind where you’re with unequalled playback support and distinctive enhancements on your computer or portable computer.

CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra Preview

Your theatre
You’ve spent some thousand greenbacks on your theatre setup, thus check that you maximise its potential. Wirelessly solid no matter your heart wishes on the most recent 4K UHD HDR TV and multi-channel system with none quality loss. Even upmarket your current DVDs, Blu-ray discs and media files so you’ll be able to get pleasure from them the manner they were created to be enjoyed.

Your computer Don’t let a smaller screen limit your recreation expertise. With PowerDVD on your laptop or portable computer, you’ll be able to get pleasure from no matter media you wish, whenever you want to to get pleasure from it. A replacement continually on prime read currently permits you to get pleasure from on-line content whereas you multitask. Unequalled format & codec support allows you to watch nearly something – albeit Windows doesn’t.

For Virtual and Mixed Reality
If you haven’t older computer game what square measure you are waiting for? Explore a world of deeply immersive 360º content on your own, or from YouTube & Vimeo, on the most recent eye, HTC and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. You’ll be able to even watch 360º video on your computer with Associate in a Nursing updated interface that shows each angle at a look, so you ne’er miss an instant.

IMPROVED – Optimized to Play Any Media on the most recent 4K UHD & HDR TVs
PowerDVD is optimised for playback on the most recent radical HD 4K & HDR TVs. Whether or not you look the most recent radical HD Blu-ray discs, classics from your videodisc assortment, or the most recent on-line recreation from YouTube & Vimeo, exploitation PowerDVD ensures you’ll need the sharpest, most evident audio-visual quality.

Incredible radical HD Blu-ray Playback
PowerDVD brings the most recent in high-resolution video technology right into your front room to confirm you’ll be able to get pleasure from the final word in radical HD 4K home recreation. Radical HD Blu-ray is pretty much as good as home cinema gets!

Better-than-Original Quality
CyberLink’s unique TrueTheater audio-visual sweetening technology improves the standard of even Blu-ray and hi-def video, and also the distinction it makes to look movies on your massive screen TV must be seen to be believed.

NEW – True Full Screen for Blu-ray
Watch your favourite Hollywood classics on ultra-widescreen TVs with none letterboxing or black bars. Meaning if your TV has a facet magnitude relation of 21:9 (2.35:1) PowerDVD can showing intelligence change playback of your discs to suit your screen.

IMPROVED – on-line recreation simply Got Even Better!
The future of online video is already here with YouTube 4K and HDR video. With PowerDVD you’ll be able to get pleasure from online content the manner it was meant to be enjoyed, within the highest available quality on your big-screen radical HD 4K HDR TV.

Enjoy Cinema-grade Sound reception
PowerDVD supports master-quality sound technology from the leaders in skilled digital audio—Dolby and DTs. Get pleasure from the acoustic distinction of specialised multichannel audio and lossless audio formats like FLAC and DSD.

NEW fireplace TV Support – Wireless recreation created simply
Cast something you play in PowerDVD to your TV with a Roku®, Chromecast™, Apple TV®, and currently fireplace TV™. You’ll be able to even improve the video and audio quality of any content in real time with CyberLink’s unique TrueTheater enhancements!

Always on prime mini read
Never miss an instant of your favourite shows whereas multitasking. Continually keep a watch on video content with a replacement decreased interface.

UNIQUE – Pin Video to observe Offline
PowerDVD is that the best thanks to saving online videos to your computer thus you’ll be able to watch them offline whenever you want!

UNIQUE – increased on-line Videos
You’ll ne’er see YouTube or Vimeo videos identical manner once more once you have watched them with CyberLink’s TrueTheater enhancements.

Play Formats Even Windows does not Support
Did you recognise that Windows ten doesn’t support playback of the most recent and standard HEVC (H.265) original HD videos? PowerDVD will – so means that you’ll be able to live over videos you shot on your GoPro or iPhone while not having to transfer any further software!

NEW – Play & Pin on-line 360º Content
Access the biggest libraries of 360º videos online, prepared for you to stream to your computer or into your headset! You’ll be able even to save videos to observe offline later.

UNIQUE – VR Mode for standard Headsets
Immerse Yourself in VR with support for eye Rift and HTC Vive headsets, PowerDVD is that the must-have player for the next-generation in transmission recreation.

NEW – Don’t Miss an instant in 360º
Watch 360º video from each angle at the same time, even while not a telephone receiver and ne’er miss a moment. Good if you’re looking 360º content on a smaller screen.


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