Gonzales Plugin v2.1.2 – Premium Speed for WordPress

Gonzales Plugin

This plugin allows you to get rid of CSS and javascript files that are useless for certain pages of your site.

Gonzales Plugin Preview

By conditional resources (assets/plugins) loading. The goal is to:

  • minimise the variety of assets (CSS/JS) (faster rendering, reduced CPU/GPU usage on finish device)
  • decrease document loading time (minimised TTFB timings, reduced mainframe & RAM usage on the server)

Gonzales permits to load CSS/JS and even plugins not absolutely reckoning on the page you are visiting. It’s a comfortable and light-weight tool that allows urging obviate useless CSS and JS files registered by themes and plugins. If you do not savvy to create document loading quicker, you must strive it.

This WordPress plugin doesn’t take away files from the server – it’s completely safe dashing up tool. If you by mistake break website look you’ll disable plugin and site can gift recent, unoptimized version. Btw: it’s smart to approach to match before/after timings 🙂

You can scan careful Gonzales documentation explaining the way to speed up WordPress in theory or take a glance at App Shah’s review to grasp however it works in the real world (Crunchify website case, v.2.0.x used):

SAMPLE GONZALES optimisation
Record below shows results of WordPress optimisation. On the left facet, Gonzales optimised a website, and on the right non-optimized. Below you’ll realise seconds when causing the request to the server. The record is bogged down. keep in mind it’s a single example, and you’ll bring home the bacon far better results!

Gonzales isn’t another a dead ringer for WordPress performance plugin. Thus what’s the distinction between this and different optimisation tools? It gets obviate downside by excluding JS/CSS from HTML code whereas different speed up plugins mask downside solely – they use compression/merging methodology to reduce web site size. If truth be told such {a web site|an internet site|a web site} still hundreds useless files that affect website performance. If you do not disable plugins, you may undoubtedly see the distinction in document loading time, mainly once requests can’t be cached.

Gonzales uses a novel method of WordPress optimisation methodology that different plugins don’t use. I do not need you to uninstall different awing tools like Cache Enabler, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache or WP Rocket – Gonzales works with them symbiotically, and you do not get to set up anything! Kind thanks to speeding up WordPress, huh?

v2.1.2 – DoUpload – FileUpload – DropAPK- UrFiles

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