Lympo- Never Walk or Run again for free


Lympo wants to make it possible for you to never walk or run again for free. Lympo currently has an Iphone and Android app that you can download where you will get rewarded in Lympo tokens every time you let your phone record your exercise activity within the app. Lympo also gives you a few free tokens when you sign up. I know I’ve written about this before, but they are new developments such as interest from Richard Branson and a working Iphone/Android app where you can start earning tokens.

Lympo is trying to be the first major blockchain focused on monetizing sports and health data by allowing users to earn Lympo tokens for free while giving companies including Nike an easy way to advertise their products. Lympo wants to encourage users to be healthy by encouraging them to participate in daily rewards of roughly 5-10 Lympo tokens for a 20 minute walk, a 2 mile run, and the opportunity to earn slightly more tokens for completing a 10 mile run.

Ultimately, they are trying to help large companies reduce health insurance costs to their employees by providing employees with a way to reduce their health insurance costs by staying active and fit. However, Lympo also wants to be able to provide free sports and health data to a wide variety of companies.

This team also has an official partnership with the Dallas Mavericks and also has attracted the interest of Sir Richard Branson. Lympo is currently working on partnering with employers and health insurance companies right now according to their Roadmap.

When you use the Iphone/Android app you will be able to require enough tokens over time to purchase a new pair of nike shoes, a new running jacket, etc. Whether or not you like the value proposition of this company, monetizing sports and health data in an effective way is worth millions of dollars per year. Mark Cuban has also said that if you participate in the app there may be a way to earn free Dallas Mavericks tickets in the near future. Lympo is aiming to do much more than this including partnerships with gyms across the country and incentivized token rewards for working out at major health clubs worldwide.

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