How to Submit Your Links:

  • First Thing You need to Logn in on this site (Go here for Signup/Sign)
  • Subject: Your Total File/s Size
  • Description: Submit your Links
  • Product: Select your file Hoster (We Support 110+ Hoster Site)
  • Up to Per Files 5GB
  • Now, wait a few hour/s Day/s, How long time to need to generate, It Depends on your File/s Size and File Hoster. You will get an email about the status of your file/s. (Click Here for Check your Ticket Status)
  • You need to be patient because here are Huge users because it is an unlimited service with free of cost.

Read This Before Submit Your Link

  • Use your Real Em@il because we send all Status on your Email. So you are notified about link Generation. 
  • Don’t Forget To Check Out The Spam Folder. And Make This Email Address Whitelist For Future Emails.
  • Please Do not Open Multiple Ticket for Serial Files, Use 10 Links Per Ticket. If you break, this rules your link take a more extended time.
  • Do not Submit More than 10 Links for Single Ticket.
  • Do not submit the same link in Multiple Ticket, and If you Do it you will be Banned.

Ticket Status Color:

  • Closed Status (Links Generated)
  • New                   (Your Links Submitted)
  • In Progress    (Your Links Generating)
  • On Hold          (You Submitted Large Files – Above 1GB)
  • Hoster Bandwith Limited (Use others Hoster or Wait for Free Up)
  • Admin Approval (You have lots of Files & Admin will Process it)

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Premium Link Generated Time

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